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33 East Ellendale Street
P.O. Box 689
Bel Air, MD 21014-0689
410-879-0579 ~ 410-838-3590
Toll-Free: 1-800-474-3590

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Corbin Fuel - About Us


In 1918, Corbin Fuel Co., Inc. opened its doors as a family owned business located on Ellendale Street in Bel Air, MD.

In the old days, we were known as Corbin Ice Company and kept our neighbors’ ice cold and fires burning.

As wood and coal gave way to petroleum products in the 1930”s, we added oil tankers to our fleet of ice wagons and began the transition into the future.

By the late 1960’s we had discontinued our cold storage facilities and focused primarily on providing our residential and commercial customers with premium fuels and the service they needed to keep their equipment running smoothly.

On April 11, 1973 our formal name of the company was amended to Corbin Fuel Company, Inc.

An emphasis on “full service” energy has enabled the company to grow from its humble beginnings to one of the most successful petroleum companies in the area. Corbin Fuel Company serves thousands of homes, farms and businesses providing energy products, 24 hour customer service, along with new HVAC equipment sales and service.

Home, commercial and agricultural fuel delivery is supported through our company owned bulk storage plant and delivery fleet of modern tankwagons and transport trucks. The company handles all purchasing of refined petroleum products and manages all deliveries through its own management information and accounting services. Controlling all these functions enables Corbin Fuel to be a leader in responding to our customers.

Corbin Fuel Company is committed to giving our customers the best of everything - the highest quality fuels, safest and most dependable delivery and most professional service, all at the lowest possible price. We call it Blue Ribbon pricing and service.

Our customers know: It's what kept us in business for generations. It's what will keep us serving you for generations to come.